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Best Happy Hour at Pop Pizza Portland

If you're looking for deep dish deliciousness look for further! Pop Pizza located in the heart of Portland has what you need and for a saving Every Sunday between 4-5pm ONLY!

Best Happy Hour at Pop Pizza Portland
Best Happy Hour Pizza Portland

Quality ingredients, homemade sauce, fresh made pizza is all any true pizza lover could ever ask for. Pop Pizza is located in SE Portland in the heart of downtown. The smell of pepperoni pours down the street making the victory of securing my happy hour pizza that much sweeter!

Best Happy Hour at Pop Pizza Portland * 4-5pm Sundays ONLY! *

The regular price of their pizzas are very reasonable but half off sounds better. $10 for either a cheese or pepperoni is their happy hour special running every Sunday. Square deep dish is not West Coast style crust so If your into thin crust this might not be your stop. Every pizza has an option to substitute gluten free crust and it still tastes amazing! The pepperoni is accompanied by a generous portion of homemade marinara sauce perfect for topping or dipping!

Ranch or No Ranch?

Do you need ranch with your pizza? Not only is their marinara made in house but so is their dill forward creamy ranch. If your purchasing ranch for the whole family to enjoy be prepared to ball out! $2 PER very small cup of ranch adds up, but if your about the ranch life you will likely find it worth it!

(Best Happy Hour Pizza Portland)


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