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Thomas Dambo PNW Troll Fantasy Photoshoot

Explore down Troll Path to Ole Bolle's Hus and discover a beautiful troll structure built by Thomas Dambo.

This Troll is located near Portland,OR at Nordic Northwest a popular non profit educational and tourist attraction that focuses on highlighting cultures of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Ole Bolle's Hus is made of 100% recycled wood and materials and is 1 of 100s of Thomas Dambo Trolls featured around the World! This particular Troll has a sweet tooth and is easily persuaded with treats. Ole Bolle wants all the cookies and cakes from himself but we managed to sneak in to grab a few sweets before they disappeared for good. This particular set was one of the most difficult to photograph due to large crowds, limited shoot time and overall just small space to work with for posing. Everyone was extremely nice and loved the storytelling type of photos we were trying to capture. We had about two minutes of shoot time so naturally I was crawling on the floor and walls to get ALL the shots and was sweating over the results. SO happy with how they turned out and honestly barley had to edit these photos at all, simple magical! If you're looking for a fantasy photoshoot location or fun family activity near Portland, OR Ole Bolle's Troll is definitely worth a visit. ( PNW Travel Destination, PDX Travel, Portland Photographer, Fantasy Photoshoot)


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