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Top Shelf Picnic with Midcity Smash Burger

If your going to have a top shelf picnic you better be serving up some serious terps!

Best Smash Burger in Portland
Top Shelf Picnic with Midcity Smash Burger

Cannabis and food go hand and hand especially after a bongrip or two. Once the munchies kick in there isn't much anyone can do to stop you from living your best life! So join me on my top shelf picnic and pig-out with Mid City Smash Burgers and some of my favorite cannabis brands.

$6 Smashy Boi

“I don't care your gonna get your $5 Smashy Boi no M@tter what happens!.”

Owner of Mid City Smash Burger is committed to holding his price on his burgers despite rising meat costs due to Covid and supply shortages. We appreciate you Mike! Giving back to customers may seem impossible but the costs for business owners keep or attract new business can make or break a small establishment. A few adjustments to side dishes were made to compensate for some loss but the main star "Smashy Boi "is still a bargain!

New Orleans to PDX

Thinly layered PNW beef with gooey melty cheese and smothered in house made smash sauce all encapsulated with love into locally sourced Gluten free buns, Its perfect! Mike launched his food truck January 2021 and has consistently sold out of burgers since opening. Their unique spread sauce is mayonnaise based with has chunks of pickles with a hint of tangy mustard. A buttery crisp bun means the world to a true burger lover and they have this on lock. Honestly I always get two burgers every time I stop by they warm up amazing later for left overs!

Let me introduce to you "Mr.James .”

Mr.James fries is named after an old friend of Mike's back on NOLA that was full of style and grace .To honor his stylish friend he dressed up their crinkle fries with melted cheese and their signature smash sauce. To round off a perfect meal they also have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes! Did I mention they also have VEGAN smashy boi burgers, everything including spread and cheese is non dairy and super dreamy.

Smoke good. Eat good - Top Shelf Picnic with Midcity Smash Burger

Mid City Smash often collaborates with other local vendors and is launching catering services going into August. If your an OLCC or food service worker card holder look out for extra meal deal savings advertised on their Instagram page! Stop by and try a Smashy Boi you wont regret it!

(Top Shelf Picnic with Midcity Smash Burger)


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