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Springtime Portraits Portland,OR

Springtime portraits in Portland,OR are truly something magical! The sun starts to feel warm again, the flowers fields are bursting with colors and frolicing with your besties dressed like fairies is definitely the vibe.

This beautiful nature preserve located 20 minutes outside of Portland,OR is peak bloom mid April. There is a little over 22 acres of land to explore at Camassia Nature Preserve. This prime PNW hiking and photo location is maintained by conservatory groups and local volunteers. Most of the terrian is easily hikeable we completed a short 2 mile loop in flipflops and little heels but I recommend wearing hiking boots or tennis shoes. Around every bend was a new picturesque spot for fairy photos. My favorite details from this location is the wooden walkways along the hike, pops of pink and purple wildflowers throughout the rocks and the variety of trees this preserve offered. Parking was free and located on a residential dead end street and was PACKED on the weekend compared to a weekday. I was nervous about the photo areas being over crowded but we barely seen anyone along the entire loop! Bring a lunch if you can this is would be a great place to picnic or casual day date.

The PNW weather is still very unpredictable in early spring and in about a two hour session we basked in the sun and dodged rain. Sitting on the rocks surrounded by natures beauty smoking fairy flowers on 4/20 was a daydream come true. We made sure to hop rock to rock to preserve every flower and had water and a silcone ashtray on hand for our ashes on the go. Be sure to leave no trace and pack out trash if you can!

I stumbled upon a downed Oak tree earlier in the week while scouting and knew I wanted to make this a photo focal point some how. The wall of rich soil and exposed roots was the ideal natural backdrop. Everyone had their moment to channel their inner America's Next Top Fairy and these photos made for some of my favotite moments of the day! Forever feeling lucky to work with such amazing creatives & talented models.

Location scouting truly inspires me and is one of my favorite activites to do as a full time photographer. The PNW is so lush with natures beauty and every season is a new opportunity to bring creative ideas to life! This woodland fairy creative photo concept was so effortless to capture and make me feel so lucky to have Oregon as a backdrop. Now booking Spring and Summer photo sessions in the PNW + Beyond! Let's bring your vision to life!


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