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Injoy Gardens Cannabis Strain Highlight

Explore the gardens at Injoy Cannabis and discover the beauty of top shelf genetics!

This is this strain that started it all, Lemon Meringue. Its was love at first inhale! Bred by @exoticgenetix_mike and perfected grown by Injoy. This particular strain is a cross between (AKA Cookies x Lemon Skunk). I legit only bought an eighth randomly @tetrapdx on 4/20 and ended up going back for a full oz the next day. Im not joking when I say I drool while smoking this. She is more of a soft clean lemon zest flavor with a hint of creme, very refreshing. The high for me was a creative happy head high defiantly more of a sativa-hybrid end of the spectrum. It wasn't a complete couch lock but I was defiantly felt more at ease.

Cannabis Connects People

“Honestly this is the best I've smoked in about a year, thank you for making my 4/20 supreme I can't wait to see your next strains .”

Injoy Gardens Cannabis Strain Highlight
Injoy Gardens Cannabis Strain Highlight

I had to reach direct and let them know what an amazing product they are putting out on the market and next thing I know Im scheduled for a garden tour. Injoy was my first photo client on my cannabis photography journey and I forever am grateful for their support over the years and only have had the best experiences visiting their facility and observing their growing practices.

From seed to sale, everything is for a reason

Top shelf cannabis starts with top shelf genetics. The owners and growers at Injoy Cannabis sought out the best genetics from top breeders like @oneeyerc and @exoticgenetix_mike. Getting your hands on exclusive signature strains like Scooby Snax and lineages like GWX are very difficult and more than likely costly but always worth it in the long run for breeding purposes and brand establishment. Genetics mean a lot to a true cannaseur so If you have the fire people will seek you out to smoke it. GWX is (G13 x White Widow)( Silver Pearl x KC36) and their newest addition to their dank diary.

Curated with Love

With a complex candy nose and beautiful trichome expression, she is a truly wonderful addition to the team"

Many craft growers in Oregon who produce super top shelf cannabis operate on a smaller scale which gives more time to perfect their craft. Compost teas, top dressing, and hand trimming every bud is routine around here and I love to see it. Nothing kills a crop like throwing it into an industrial trimmer, literally kills my soul I don't know about you. Seeing farms take pride in growing makes me feel even more excited about supporting what they do! Look out for their new flower drops around Portland,OR and latest tincture collaboration with @hapykitchen!

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(Injoy Gardens Cannabis Strain Highlight)


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