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Friday the 13th Boudoir Photography Portland

Behind the scenes looks from a warm October night boudoir photoshoot at Sauvies Island located 40 minutes from Portland,Oregon

Model: @king.c0c0

You are being summoned to my first ever shoot being emerged in the water! Honestly the lighting was so perfect I had to share colored versions our favorite shots! You can never go wrong with all black everything and this witchy goth girl concept was meant for Koko. We committed to a water shoot a few weeks prior and got super lucky with an almost 80 degree night in mid October. Also this was the last black lace in all of Joanne's Fabrics when I stopped en route to the shoot and it was 50% off, double win! This was likely the last warm water opportunity that I'll have in Oregon until at least next spring so the pressure was kind of on... Koko pulled up in a black lace bodysuit, gloves, and glossy black eyeshadow and I instantly was ready to get however deep into the water to pull off THE SHOT! I don't really look at my photos as I'm taking them to conserve time but they were so good I had to stop mid shoot to show her a few photos and remind her she is THAT WITCH!

( Friday the 13th Boudoir Photography Portland )


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