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Explore Silver Falls State Park

Imagine 10 waterfalls...but you have to walk 10 miles to see them? Would you accept the challenge? Let's explore Silver Falls State Park with Utokia Premium Prerolls!

Silver Falls State Park Waterfall Oregon
Silver Falls State Park Waterfall

Summers are short seasons in Oregon so escaping the city and relaxing in the beauty of mother nature is a MUST! Upon arrival you are greeted by the lush mountains of greenery as far as the eye can see and surrounded by the sounds of wildlife.The air is crisp and the first waterfall is only a little over a mile into the journey. Once you get close enough you can hear the rush of the water you will also be welcomed with a misty breeze. The trail head leads you behind the first falls and has cutie sitting benches waiting for you! I enjoyed the break with some fresh fruit and a smoked on Her Majesty a hybrid strain grown in house by Utokia Farms.

The terrain can be muddy so wearing hiking boots legit saved me from slipping a few times and kept my feet dry for getting closer to the falls. Every mile was marked with another beautiful fall which made the 10 miles go by faster than I anticipated! The ferns are SO lush with life and the majority of the journey is riverside which keeps the hike cooler on super hot days. Butterflies followed almost the entire way and was the cherry on top of a magical day! Getting an early start will guarantee you a parking spot and always help beat traffic back to PDX. Parking passes are available for a year or a day, online purchase to save! Shop local and support women in cannabis with Utokia Premium Prerolls! Now available at select PDX dispensaries! All pack include 6 strain specific 1 gram prerolls stuffed with hand trimmed nugs only! Every preroll is color coordinated and labeled to help prioritize the setting for your perfect smoke sesh!


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