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Best Acai Bowls Portland

After years of living in Brazil and connecting with the leaders of Acai production the owners and operators of Carioca bowl brought top quality ingredients back to the PNW and beyond!

Best Acai Bowls in Portland
Best Acai Bowls Portland

Owners Richard and Matthew joined forces in 2015 and have quickly become a success in the acai bowl business! Both men enjoy a very active lifestyle and the energy Carioca Bowl delivers really resinated with them. Matthew met the owner of Sambazon the leading producer in acai berries in Brazil while living there back in 2001. Richard met another owner of Sambazon at a coffee shop he frequented in Portland,OR in 2002. Anything great takes time and in 2015 Carioca Bowl on NE Alberta was opened!

“Carioca bowl has a mission to eat & share the best acai possible"

Brazil is know for the most tropical climate and produces some of the freshest and most exotic fruits in the world. Acai for Carioca Bowl is sourced direct from Brazil and processed in alternative energy facilities. Protecting the biodiversity of the land in Brazil is part of Carioca's mission statement that includes being a driver for social, environmental and economic change.

Portland most sustainable Acai Bowl

I know it sounds too good to be true but until September 1, 2021 you can get unlimited topping on any style Carioca Bowl. Seriously you can get mangos, kiwis, fresh honey drizzle, any type of local PNW berry, banana, fresh coconut, hemp chai and some seeds Im like? Your wish is their command and it's a beautiful thing.

“We strive to make you say wow!” -owners @cariocabowl

I'm so happy that I am able to sit down and eat out of their cutie ceramic bowls and perfect bamboo spoons again I swear it makes every bite a little more luxurious. The interior has swanky hanging installations, retro paint design and swivel style wooden stools. Floor to ceiling windows help keep their large collection of house plants thriving and is one of my favorite features! The outdoor seating is rich with foliage also and is my go to seating choice since I bring my pup most times. Portland is a very dog friendly place and even puts water dishes out for accommodations, I love it! Businesses are finally reopening in Portland and if your looking to support a sustainable and fresh business look no further!

(Best Acai Bowls Portland)


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