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Topshelf Cannabis at Tao Gardens

Tao gardens is truly top shelf in so many ways. Every time I see Tao flower or rosin products on the shelves, I must have something! The terps really are that good!

Every strain that Tao Gardens offers is unique to the next, consistent in quality and grown with care. I'm a true believer in plants picking up on vibes and this facility had really great energy! Their staff is composed of upbeat and motivated cannaseurs with palettes perfect for Oregon's competitive market.Genetics are top priority at Tao and their holistic no-till grow practices not only is a beautiful grow environment but also produces flavorful and clean finished products. No-till practices include reusing soil to produce a nutrient rich and natural medium for crops to thrive in. Only organic and sustainable practices are used at Tao to produce some of their in house staple strains like Bubba Kush, Blueberry Diesel, and True Glue.

To be truly a top shelf producer your grow environment should be sterile, temperature regulated and highly organized like Tao Gardens. Cleanliness is key to creating new genetics and maintaining quality products.Tao's in house genetics are always hand trimmed, salt free, and are often washed into their solventless tincture (Revive) or hash rosin line (Tao Bubble & Holistic Hash).Tao's facility is vertically integrated and equipped with state of the art grow and solventless extraction equipment. This is also where they package their tested products ready for market. Some other in house favorites include Deadhead OG, MAC1, and White Runtz x Mountain Top Mint. Look out for fresh products at select dispensaries across Oregon. Taste the Tao terps, its a must!

(Topshelf Cannabis at Tao Gardens)


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