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The House of High Noon Cultivation

The House of High Noon Cultivation is a family owned small batch organic cannabis grow located about 45 minutes outside Portland,OR. When your grow property is surrounded by beauty it is hard to not produce some of the best bud on the Oregon market. Lush is an understatement at The House of High Noon. Upon arrival you are greeted by a large farm entrance, rolling vineyards, and established log cabin. Shortly after arrival I could see various farm animals in the distance and definitely got extra excited! The property is full of large oak trees thank heavens I might have hid behind one to break up the stare contest I was not trying to get into with Josie, my favorite but also most intimidating friend I met. Her long orange hair flowed in the wind as she trotted my way and she boasted a set of horns about as wide as a small car. I have never seen a Himalayan cow before my visit and now I want one! Seriously just google a baby one you will loose it! Once I was done being easily distracted by the cutie farm animals I was on my way to more adventures in the grow.

The House of High Noon Cultivation Staff
The House of High Noon Cultivation

Waiting to lead the tour of High Noon is head grower Jack. His passion for growing cannabis shines in his finished work and watching him in his element truly was inspiring. Walking into rooms full of perfectly trellis and topped cannabis canopies is more than satisfying. To achieve this type of symmetry truly takes patience, attention to detail and love for the plant. Each row in the bloom room was toppling over with top colas bursting with sticky dank trichomes. At its finishing stages the room smelled and looked similar to skittles and smelled also slightly of sweet gas. Jack works with a very limited crew and still manages to get every crop cured and jarred to perfection and ready for market. High Noon Cultivation strives to produce top shelf organic no till soil grown cannabis. Every bud at High Noon is handled with care and hand trimmed to perfection insuring the best buds always. Some of their signature strains are Triple Chocolate Chip,Crystal Cookies, Platinum Kush Breath, and their newest release Flatbrainer is a HEAVY hitter. With so many producers on the legal Oregon market having unique genetics really is the name of the game.

When The House of High Noon isn't too busy with garden life they enjoy cookouts with their staff, hosting local artist performances, exploring the PNW, and advocating for minority businesses in cannabis. Shop small and look out for High Noon Cult custom apparel and organic bud at retailers across Oregon. Their flower is typically found on the top shelf and they have ben holding out to bring extracts to market, can't wait to see that collaboration!


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