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The Best 420 Greens & Golds Portland,OR

Pots & Gold are o'plenty around Oregon and finding the best products on overcrowded shelves can often leave you feeling unlucky. These lungs aren't easily charmed so I consider this list like a pot of gold at the end of the terp rainbow! All farms listed use only organic practices and processor range from solventless to non CRC BHO. All listed products have ben tried and tested for quality assurance :D


The Best of Greens

  • Eugreen No Till- Donny Burger, Goombay

  • Happy Daddy Gardens- Captain Couch, Cherry Mints, Supreme Ruckus

  • LOWD- Platinum Garlic Cookies, Jellysickle

  • High Noon Cult- Banana Macaroon, Crystal Cookies

  • Focus North Gardens- Pot Roast, Colorado Sunshine

  • Scissortail Farms- Super Silver Haze, Malawi

  • Rosebud Growers- Don Mega, Rosebud Kush

  • Lofty Grower- Apple Fritter, Carbon Fiber

  • Eastwood Gardens- Dogwalker x Horchata, Elephant Ears

  • TAO- Chem Skunk, Bubba Kush, Deadhead OG

  • Fidus Family Farms- Runtz 33

  • FlowersmithLLC- White Truffle, Tiger Cake

  • Ananda Farms- Tally Mon, Durban Poison

  • Herbal Dynamics- Ice Cream Cake, Super Silver Hash Plant

The Best of Gold

  • Bosenoseknows- Ananda collabs

  • TAO Bubble- True Glue, Apple Fritter & Triple Blueberry OG rosin

  • Echo(BHO)- Single source anything, Gadsden collabs

  • Funk Extracts- Happy Daddy Garden collabs

  • Happy Cabbage- Banana Bliss 6*, Purple Petals

  • Highland Provisions- Tropsanto, 2.5G Keif buckets

  • Grape God- high price point but dank terp profiles

  • Bonsai-Strawberry GMO, GMO fresh press

  • Monkland(BHO)- High Noon collabs, Fresh Squeezed OG

  • Willamette Valley Alchemy(BHO)- Focus North collabs

(The Best 420 Greens & Golds Portland Oregon)


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