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Senior Portrait Photography Juneau Alaska

You simply can't beat the beauty of Alaska and these stunning natural backdrops are more than ideal for Senior portrait photography ! Join me as I capture milestone memories & explore the best bites of Juneau, Alaska.

Best Senior Portrait Photography Juneau Alaska
Senior Portrait Photography Juneau Alaska

Flashback to pre pandemic times and traveling free as a bird, I miss it so much! This was my last flight I took back in September 2019 to visit family and to take senior photos of my not so baby cousin. I have three uncles and 10 cousins who live in Juneau so this visit was long overdue! My flight was from PDX to SEA and then a connecting flight direct to Juneau made the one way journey a little over half a day. The views from the sky the whole time were amazing and I was lucky enough to be in the air during a pink sunset over the Pacific Ocean. When I landed in Juneau it was dark and the air was crisp, I could feel I was somewhere very special!

Fresh Alaskan Everything

“We pride ourselves in being respectful to the land, supporting local businesses, and working hard” - Juneau Native

The sun is shining the salmon are swimming and I'm on a mission for some dank breakfast! First stop is The Sand Piper Cafe located in Downtown Juneau to see what their brunch hype is all about. Personally I find it hard to justify spending money on breakfast when the ingredients are so cheap and easy to make but when your on vacation, please live your best life! I ordered Alaskan King Crab Benedict with roasted baby potatoes and Brioche French Toast because why not! My cousin opted for the special of the day which was a french toast topped with fresh mangos and house made whipped cream, so dreamy and fluffy! No regrets over here!

Lunch Time

After hiking to Mendenhall Glacier (highly recommend) the need for a food refuel is so necessary. The drive back into downtown Juneau is a little over 12 miles and most food and grocery stores are located here. During certain seasons Princess Cruise ships pull into the local port turning Juneau into a tourist attraction bringing enough revenue for most businesses to survive winter weather and slower times. Since produce, most meats and dairy have to be imported food prices are a little higher but freshness is always a guarantee when it comes to Alaskan seafood. Fresh halibut fish tacos from DeckHand Dave's sounded right up my alley and the smell of seared fish billowing out of their cart might have helped also. When juice rolls down your arms as you take a bite you know that's a tasty taco! Fresh halibut, crunchy cabbage, spicy pico, and avocado lime crema with a view, if your in the area check this place out!

Dinner is Served

Last but certainly not least on my favorite bites of Juneau,AK is @tracycrabshack located with views of the bay and known for serving Alaskan King Crab anyway you can get it! Naturally I ordered way more than I could ever eat but that Is the joy of vacation and every bit of leftovers went back home with me for fourth meal. The bisque had nice lumps of crab meat, crispy crunch on the cakes, and simple fresh cracked crab legs on the side. Honestly didn't even think about needing drawn butter the thick crab meat itself was so naturally rich in flavor. King crab season in Alaska usually runs from October to January and helps fuel the local fishing industry while supplying local restaurants with freshest catch.

Views on Views

Juneau is located in the Gastineau Channel and South East portion of the Alaskan Panhandle. Fishing is one of the a main industries in Alaska and is a huge part of the local community. Some of the my top excursions was hiking to Mendenhall Glacier and to the top of Mt. Roberts. White mountain goats were scattered along my hiking journey and Eagle Beach was my favorite place to watch the sunset and wildlife interact. Lush mountains, glacier fields, rushing rivers packed with salmon, clean air, bountiful wildlife, and of course stunning scenery are just some of the reasons I didn't want to leave. Fifteen days flew by and after being in such a serene setting returning back to any type of city life doesn't seem so appealing. Vacation really does put time into perspective and hopefully helps you consider how to cherish it more wisely once you get back home


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