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Fidus Boutique Dispensary Tour

Oregon is one of the most saturated cannabis markets in the world! The list of available products is overwhelming to say the least! The staff at Fidus Boutique genuinely has the customers best interest at heart with their selection! Fidus Boutique only sources organic flower, solventless concentrates and edibles for their shelves! They also grows their own in house strains with fire genetics! Fidus Boutique is located in Tigard, OR and is nestled into a neighborhood of local food and shops. Customer parking is on site!

All flower is served deli style and allows for customers to smells and see their top self flower selection! All sourced and in house flower is hand trimmed and cured to perfection and packaged to go out the door in glass jars to preserve quality. The attention to detail is what sets this shop apart from the rest! All concentrates in any form are solventless and sourced from the best processor in Oregon! Solventless edibles are available in chocolate,gummies,tinctures & more! If you have a question about terpenes the budtenders are experts! They even schooled me on some things! Most of Fidus Farms in house strains are unique in genetics and are only grown with organic practices. Some of their signature strains are Runtz #33, Khemia#11, Amoretto Sour #11, Gas Face & more! All phenos were hunted and hand selected from the best cannabis breeders in the world! These breeding projects are truly lengendary!

Support local and shop where you are guaranteed to purchase quality products! Check out their amazing selection of apparel and home goods from local PDX businesses and artist! ( Fidus Boutique Dispensary Tour)


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