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Natural Roots Facility Tour

Experience the difference in quality with Natural Roots cannabis derived strain specific vape cartridges. Here is an exclusive facility tour of Natural Roots Recreational cannabis extraction lab located outside Portland,OR.

Natural Roots Facility Tour Vape Pens
Natural Roots Facility Tour

Setting the bar high in Oregon is vape cartridge specialists at Natural Roots. Their state of the art ceramic technology paired with leading Co2 extraction methods guarantees a quality and terplicious vape pen hard to resist!

Designed with quality in mind

“Do you only source organic cannabis, is that why you're called Natural Roots? I see a lot of the farms you work with are "Clean Green" and "KindCertified"

Not only does Natural Roots only work with organic growers but they personally visit every farm they plan on collaborating with to inspect the quality of the grow environment and to consider collaboration. Over the years and many built relationships later they have acquired a library of the most unique cannabis specific terpenes on the market. No fake terps, no fruity flavorings, only pure cannabis.

There is an effect for everyone at Natural Roots

Oil varieties paired with appropriate terpene profiles makes their strain specific cartridges. Their packaging design is color coordinated sativa(red),hybrid(green),indica(blue) to match strain effect. If the starting material isn't up to quality standards you will end up processing more crude material in the end. Time is money when processing so they strive to always source the best starting materials to begin processing with. Some of their signature cannabis derived terpene strains are Blue Magoo, Duct Tape, Rude Boi, Obama Kush, Tangie Glue, Fruit Cocktail and many more.

The Team is small but mighty and gets the job done with ease

Every person onboard specializes in some facet within the cannabis industry.Product coordination, processing, sales, vape filling, labeling, delivery ect is all done in house with pride. If your looking for a clean affordable and consistent vape cartridge look out for their bright packaging and rare ceramic technology very easy to differentiate from the rest on the shelves. Some of their newest collaborations are with SAG, Oregon Roots, Bellevue and Lifestyle Farms.

Shop small. Support local

Here are some of the shops you can find Natural Roots 1 gram vape cartridges!

All Tj's, Mr.Nice Guys',Cannabliss',AmericannaRx, Substance Market, River Valley Remedies, Redwood Cannabis, and The Joint on Market locations.


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