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Living Room Set Design

Your set design & lighting set up doesn't have to be a full production to get a the photos you love! My good friend Delilah is an amazing makeup and nail artist & fashionista and always serves THE LOOKS in this living room set design!

This set is giving Mad Queen, Purple Kush Lover, Sexy Mime and I am living for it! These shots were captured around noon in my living room with only natural lighting and a white seamless savage universal backdrop. Prior to all shoots each client receive a personalized mood board with pose ideas and some examples of what type of vibe we are trying to emulate during our future session. This set is all about the details and making the subject @lunarkitty420 the main focus. Her purple outfit and perfectly curated makeup, nails and accessories is all the photo really needs to POP! Working with other creatives is so fun and always turns out better than I could have ever imagined. Are you a local Portland,OR artist, model, or creative looking to collaborate on future set design & photos? Lets WERK! ( Queen Of Hearts, Portland Portraits)


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