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Maternity Photos at Cypress Tree Tunnel

Escape the big city of San Fransisco and visit a stunning historical landmark located by The Bay.

Maternity Photos at Cypress Tree Tunnel
Maternity Photos at Cypress Tree Tunnel

Located an hour and thirty minutes from The San Fransisco Bay Area is a hidden gem perfect for destination photos. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County you are approached by rolling hills, fresh produce fields and endless windy roads. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks it is a pretty barren drive and the restaurants they do have out there are iffy. Don't worry the drive is well worth it!

Planted in 1930

Fifty plus baby cypresses trees never knew they would be so popular!Thousands of people travel to Point Reyes National Seashore to take scenic photos under the great natural arches. Photographers, families, and historians will likely be the crowd you run into at this once Maritime Radio receiving station. Stunning is an understatement and after a not seeing a tree for a whileeeee on my drive I was starting to get worried I was lost. Using GPS is the best bet in guaranteed finding your way!

Prime time

The best and probably most crowded times of days for photos is going to be during the "golden hours" of sunrise and sunset. The crowds even during covid times are nearly impossible to miss so positioning and posing is going to be everything to get the perfect shot. My visit was back in September of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic so it definitely wasn't as crowded and people were respectful of distancing rules. Parking is not allowed along or under the trees so be prepared to walk if parking is limited you will need to walk to get your photo spot.

New Beginning Maternity photos at Cypress Tree Tunnel

“ This is the perfect place for Capturing a once in a lifetime moment .”

This photoshoot is extra special to me because I got to capture my best friend of 20 years and his beautiful partners precious maternity moment! Andres and I grew up across the street from each other in the Bay Area,CA and I truly love him like a brother. Life is forever changing and capturing moments like this means everything to me! I could feel the love and excitement and my favorite part was seeing how excited "big sister" was to meet her baby brother!

Almost a year later

The world welcomed Anthony Christopher on November 4th, 2020! Congratulations to the whole Arroyo family on the arrival of their new healthy and happy new addition. Stay tuned you already know baby photos are coming soon!

(Maternity Photos at Cypress Tree Tunnel)


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