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Happy Daddy Gardens Cannabis Grow Tour

At Happy Daddy Gardens living happy is their life's goal and that is something I can 100% get behind! Join me as I explore Oregon cannabis grown to perfection in a barn built with love.

Happy Daddy Gardens Cannabis Grow Tour Portland
Happy Daddy Gardens Cannabis Grow Tour

Honestly every cannabis grow that I have ben too has a unique buildout but this by far is the most Oregon vibes I've come across! Imagine a big red barn, now imagine it full of booming cannabis plants meticulously managed by the masterminds at Happy Daddy. Perfection is nothing new to these once professional blacksmiths and anyone who owns one of their titanium dab tools knows the pride, precision and love that goes into their work.

From Tools to Terpenes

After 10+ years as a blacksmith it was time to make a transition away from the torch. Cannabis has always ben a pivotal part of success at Happy Daddy! Their whole previous business model revolved around making custom titanium dab tools in various inspired sword styles and was very successful and well known in the cannabis community.The transition to the legal cannabis market is always full of learning curves and getting a cannabis license approved in Oregon is lengthy process. While waiting for approval to actually grow the two man crew at Happy Daddy got to work making their next big dreams come to reality!

Barn Buildout

Optimization of space means everything when growing cannabis indoors. The more organized, clean and functional your grow space is the more superior the product is in the end. Once you pull back the barn doors at Happy Daddy you enter what feels like an entirely different realm. Perfectly poured concrete floors, new white walls, and planned to perfection floor plans makes their layout very hard to beat. Months of planning went into the current build out which covers approximately half of the barn currently. The attic part of the barn is filled with the next grow phase of cannabis genetics ready for bloom. Directly under those grow rooms is the bloom rooms full of various flower soon ready for harvest, legit a perfect rotation. Large water and feeding reservoirs line the walls and a pristine sanitation area is tucked in a corner organized to perfection. Everything has a place here it's extremely satisfying.

“We hunted this phenotype for a cookie leaning lady with the right amount of tangie.” - Owners @HDG

This particular visit I was blessed by the presence of genetics from @oni_seed_co. Tropicanna Cookies is known for its resin rich dark purple leaves and fresh squeezed scent. This phenotype "F2" really is the perfect amount of cookie genetics which is known for is creamy notes matched with a potent and euphoric high. Some of Happy Daddy Gardens latest strains to hit the Oregon cannabis market are Duct Tape, Chem D, Sherbado, Purple Punch, Portland Diesel and dropping July 2021 is their fresh batch of Tropicanna Cookies. Every single bud is hand trimmed and cured to perfection in custom 5lb @cvaultusa custom stainless locking containers designed to preserve freshness. Happy Daddy Garden often collaborates with local extractors so be sure to look out for their logo on the flower and dab shelf! Brand recognition is so important in a growing industry with so many producer I love seeing companies creativity come to life on packaging, swag and marketing materials!

Shop small & Support local

Look out for Happy Daddy Gardens at local cannabis retailers across Oregon. I've found their batches to be limited and they go fast so if you see it for sure scoop it!

(Happy Daddy Gardens Cannabis Grow Tour)


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